Customer Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions, ticket purchase

In general Ticketmaster sells tickets for the account of the arena/organiser responsible, and is only a representative. All questions or claims concerning events and their performance shall be made to the arena/organiser.

Terms and conditions of ticket purchase A booking can be reversed up until payment has been made. Choosing Klarna as payment method is the equivalent with credit card payments that confirms that the payment has been made, even if the invoice is to be paid at a later date by the customer. The Act concerning remotely concluded contracts, in its provisions concerning the right to cancel a purchase, does not cover purchase of event tickets. When payment has been made, the Customer is therefore bound by his purchase. Lost tickets are not replaced. On the other hand, if the Customer has chosen eTicket as method of delivery, the Customer can print a new ticket. Note that eTicket has a built-in security system which only permits entry once.

Service, delivery and distribution charges In addition to the ticket price, the Customer pays a service charge and in certain cases a delivery charge and/or distribution charge.

Personal use Tickets may only be purchased for personal use, and may not be used for commercial purposes. This means that the ticket may not be resold on commercial basis, or offered in competitions or in connection with offers for other products or services, without the written consent of Ticketmaster and/or the organiser/arena. If there is a restriction on the number of tickets allowed per purchaser, this may not be exeeded.

Purchase which conflicts with the set terms and conditions Ticketmaster retains the right to cancel bookings or purchases made by the Customer, and with immediate effect to exclude the Customer from, if the Customer does not provide correct information about himself or otherwise breaches or attempts to circumvent the terms and conditions which apply for ticket purchase. This applies, among other things, if the Customer books or purchases more tickets than permitted, or if the Customer resells purchased tickets on a commercial basis. In the case of cancellation for such reason, the service charge paid will not be repaid, nor any delivery or distribution charges. Ticketmaster can also decide that the ticket price paid for the booking/ticket purchase shall not be repaid.

Cancelled events The Customer is himself responsible for checking that the event is not cancelled. In the event of a cancelled event, the Customer should immediately contact the arena/organiser responsible, who is responsible for questions concerning any redemption of tickets. In certain cases, Ticketmaster will redeem tickets for a cancelled event at the assignment of the organiser. In the case of a cancelled event, service and distribution charges will not be repaid.

Repayment If the Customer has the right to repayment of money paid for tickets or money paid for tickets and service charge/delivery charge, the Customer shall, not later than three (3) months from the date of the event/the date the event should have taken place, inform Ticketmaster regarding his claim for repayment, and state the account number and bank to which repayment shall be made. If this is not done, the Customer has no right to repayment. This applies both for cancelled events and in cases in which the ticket is cancelled and the Customer has had the right to repayment.

Ticketmasters Service in general

In general Ticketmaster retains all rights to the Service ( and its contents. The user of the Service does not have the right, wholly or partly, in one way or another, to copy, reproduce, save, move, send onwards, distribute, publish, annex to other material or download to his own computer any material connected to the Service (including text, images, trademarks, logos, graphics and music) without the written consent of Ticketmaster. The use of product brands, trademarks and company and business logos is prohibited unless otherwise published in the terms and conditions or in specific written consent provided by Ticketmaster.

Legal use No information concerning the Service may be copied, processed or used without the specific prior written permission of Ticketmaster. Breach of the prohibition can lead to legal proceedings and possibly damages and/or legal liability. Breaching the customer terms and conditions of the website can lead to cessation of the right of disposition to the Service. Ticketmaster also has the right to cancel bookings made on the website if the Customer has provided misleading personal information, or if the Customer breaches or circumvents the customer terms and conditions.

Responsibility for the service Ticketmaster, on its own part, provides an Internet service (""), in which one can book and purchase tickets. As regards the actual events, Ticketmaster is only a representative of arenas and organisers. Ticketmaster is therefore not responsible for the implementation of the events, their quality or content, and thus will not compensate loss on account of a cancelled event or other shortcoming in relation to the event. All questions concerning, or claims on account of, the event and its implementation shall instead be directed to the arena. More specific information about the arena responsible and the particular terms and conditions which apply for a certain event are given in the terms and conditions made clear with the booking/purchase of tickets. Ticketmaster is not responsible for, and will not compensate, any loss which arises on account of operational interruption, delay, discontinuation or other technical circumstance which makes utilisation of impossible or difficult.

Intellectual rights All material within the Service is owned by Ticketmaster and is protected by the Copyright Act. Copyright and other intellectual rights to the content and layout within the Service (including text, electronic documents, graphics, images and sound, photographs, databases, software, program products and services) are owned by Ticketmaster or a third party. Images, text or other material may not be copied without the permission of Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster or its cooperation parties retain all rights to the content and software of the e-commerce site

The right to changes Ticketmaster has the right to update, change, add to or remove material which is in the Service, and limit entry to the Service without communicating this in advance, at any time in accordance with its own judgement. Ticketmaster shall have the right to change terms and conditions for use of the Service and the content and selection of the Services, at any time.

Linking The Service contains links to web pages which are maintained by a third party. On these web pages and in their use, due terms and conditions are applied, which have been compiled by the third party. Ticketmaster is not responsible for other parties web pages or their content.

Applicable law Swedish law is applied to these customer terms and conditions.