Women´s EHF EURO Handboll 2016 tickets

Women’s EHF EURO 2016
EM i handboll 2016

On 4–18 December the EHF EURO will be held in five Swedish host cities: Stockholm, Kristianstad, Malmö, Helsingborg and Gothenburg. Secure your place in the stands and experience passionate battles and world-class handball!

Preliminary Round:
Stockholm, Hovet Group A (Sweden, Serbia, Spain, Slovenia)
Kristianstad, Kristianstad Arena Group B (Poland, Netherlands, Hungary, Germany)
Malmö, Malmö Isstadion Group C (Denmark, Montenegro, Hungary, Czech Republic)
Helsingborg, Helsingborgs Arena Group D (Norway, Russia, Romania, Croatia)

Main Round
Gothenburg, Scandinavium Main Round 1 (A + B)
Helsingborg, Helsingborgs Arena Main Round 2 (C + D)

Final Round
Gothenburg, Scandinavium

All tickets are day passes with access to all matches in the arena on the given day.
For tickets to Group A in Stockholm please visit www.ehf-euro.com
For more info about the EHF EURO visit: via www.ehf-euro.com

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