Rules for credit/debit card payments
When you pick up your tickets from an agent or the venue, you must provide identification and the credit or debit card you used when booking the tickets. This means that you must use a card registered in your name.

Book or pay directly
The venue/organiser determines which payment and delivery methods will be available for their event. Information regarding these methods will be provided at the time of booking. Direct payment methods are used mainly for larger concerts.

Purchased tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged for another ticket. Please note that tickets paid directly at the time of booking are considered purchased tickets. The Swedish Distance Contracts Act does not apply for purchases of event tickets.

Booking from outside of Sweden
Most events handled by may be booked by residents of foreign countries. Payment is made directly at the time of booking. If you encounter any problems making your booking, please contact the venue or our call centre at +46 77 170 70 70.

Pick up prepaid tickets – Direct payment through bank
When picking up your tickets, you must provide the booking number and the pin code you received when the ticket was booked. The pin code is saved under “My Account,” View Orders” and can be accessed by clicking on the booking number. Prepaid tickets may be picked up from Ticketmaster agents and in some cases, at the venue. Prepaid tickets may be picked up until the day of the event.

Pick up prepaid tickets – Payment by credit/debit card
When picking up prepaid tickets, you must provide your booking number, identification and the credit or debit card you used to book the tickets. If the information listed on your identification does not match the information on the credit or debit card, the tickets will not be released. This procedure has been established to increase security for credit/debit card payments and to reduce the risk of card fraud over the Internet. Prepaid tickets may be picked up until the day of the event.

Payment methods

The organiser determines which payment methods will be available for the event. These will be indicated at the time of booking and may include: cash payment, direct payment by bank transfer, credit or debit card, or payment through the bank or postal giro system.

Swish payment
Now we can offer Swish payments. You need to download the Swish app from App Store, Google Play or Windows Store. You also need to have the mobile bank-ID app installed and configurated. Specific instructions on completing Swish payments are provided when you choose this payment method when booking.

Payment by credit/debit card
Secure payment is available by credit or debit card. Your card details are sent in encrypted form to a special security server. Funds are debited directly from your card after you have registered your card details and received a booking number. The following cards may be used for direct payment over the Internet:

  • credit or debit card
  • VISA and Mastercard
  • American Express
    You must provide the card number, expiration date and CVC/CVV code for your card.

    Instructions for credit/debit card payments are provided when you choose this payment method at the time of booking. Credit/debit card purchases are limited to 3 per card per day on

    Klarna- invoice payment:
    In cooperation with Klarna we can now offer payment via invoice or if you want to split your payment.
    If you choose Klarna the invoice we will be sent to your email after your purchase. The invoice should be paid within 14 days, unless you choose an installment.
    A credit check will be made after your purchase, and sometimes even a credit report. You will then be notified via post.
    More information and full terms of agreement can be found at
    For information regarding your payment please contact Klarna at
    You can not choose Klarna if you buy from abroad.

    - When picking up the tickets paid with Klarna need to provide the booking number and the PIN you received when booking.

    Electronic credit cards
    We do not accept electronic credit card payments. Though we are aware that e-cards provide a secure payment method, the policies we have in place for ticket pick up do not allow for e-card payments. Further information on our ticket pick up policies may be found under payment methods on If you have, despite instructions otherwise, used an electronic credit card for ticket purchases, the ticket will be purchased back and the price of the ticket will be refunded. The service fee will not be refunded.

    Card payment troubleshooting
    Many workplaces have firewalls that do not permit connection for certain bank services. Mac users with Explorer 5 cannot yet use DebiTech payment services. You will need to download another browser. The security settings in Explorer are set on High

    If you book your tickets through our call centre at +46 (0) 77-170 70 70, you can always pick up and pay for your tickets at a Ticketmaster agency.