We can't offer an exchange or refund for your order unless the event is cancelled, but we do understand that things sometimes come up out of the blue that stop you from getting to your event. That's why we offer you the chance to add insurance to your order with Allianz Assistance. Here’s some useful information.

How do I buy the insurance? If it's available for your event, we'll offer you the chance to add insurance when booking your tickets online and the cost is 5,75% of the ticket value ( lowest amount is 13,50SEK). The insurance is only available when booking online.

How do I cancel my insurance? If you have selected ticket insurance by accident and don't need it the you can contact Allianz to cancel it as long as its within 14 days of the booking. Unfortunately we are unable to cancel the policy for you as you are now the policy holder. You can contact Allianz on +46 (0)77 170 70 70 or by email or the address below.

Who do I contact to make an enquiry about my insurance policy? The insurance company, Allianz Assistance, are completely separate to Ticketmaster, so it's them you'll need to contact with any queries about your policy. There are a couple of different numbers, depending on what sort of query you have.

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Important contacts:
Claims: www.azgatravelclaims.com
Policy cancellations: via help section or phone +46 (0)77 170 70 70.
Customer services: Eventclaims@allianz-assistance.co.uk

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